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New equipment for high intensity focused ultrasound HIFU for beauty clinics and centres. It targets people with flaccidity, wrinkles or aged skin. This non-invasive technique is suitable for different users. + info
Ref: 826-HIFU



High-intensity focused ultrasound HIFU.

HIFU is a lifting system that uses new advanced focused high-intensity ultrasound technologies. HIFU enables this type of cosmetic non-surgical wrinkle removal, rather than the traditional facelift operation. The device launches a focused ultrasonic highly concentrated energy which reaches the deep layer of the skin, causing thermal coagulation SMAS (superficial muscular aponeurotic system). It condenses a high heat in the appropriate location in order to stimulate the deep dermal tissue of the skin, producing more collagen. Provides skin tightening and juvenation occurs gradually over time, so that the skin becomes more firm.

Indicated for:

  • People who have facial sagging skin, wrinkles, aging, rough skin, to reshape the curve of the face. Effectively improves the eye area and fallen neck tissue.
  • Tightens sagging skin, eliminates real and false wrinkles, repairs stretch marks.
  • Acne.
  • Systemic anti-aging (tenses and shapes the neck and back, adjusts the shape of the breasts, modifies and remodels the waist and abdomen, shapes the buttocks and legs)
  • Suitable for a variety of users.


  • Non-invasive technique to replace the traditional operation to stretch the skin.
  • Provides firmness to sagging skin, improves flacidity and other signs of aging.
  • Using special transducers that make penetrate high intensity focused ultrasound to the SMAS layer from the skin surface.
  • Generates 65ºC - 70ºC or above high thermal energy in the skin layer currently selected, entering the "curing" area. The selected cells are solidified, producing its ablation, the SMAS rises rapidly and the effect of cosmetic removal of wrinkles is achieved.
  • The HIFU transducer does not require anti-aging injections, surgery or postoperative rest.
  • Suitable for people of any age and sex.
  • Several transducers of different level to penetrate the skin. These transducers can lead the high intensity ultrasound to each layer of the skin.
  • High-speed transmission can get from 0.1 to 0.2S.
  • Until 5.000-10.000 layered emission lines of high precision transmission, three times that of similar instruments, greatly improving cost efficiency.
  • Exclusive development of broadband technology with stable output 4-10 MHz, working well with the skin layers treatment technology.


  • Ultrasonic transducer handle
  • 2 ultrasonic transducers DS-4.5D and DS-3.0
  • Power line
  • User manual

Technical features:

  • Touch screen
  • Function control selector and confirm button
  • Ultrasonic transducer handle pin
  • Input voltage: AC 100V-230V 50Hz-60Hz
  • Power: 160VA
  • Power output: 0.2 - 2.0 J (0.1 J/STEP)
  • Spacing: 1.0 - 10 mm (0.5 mm/STEP)
  • Focal length: 5.0 - 25 mm (1.0 mm/STEP)
  • Transducer:
    • DS-4.5DX1 PCS (Standard configuration)
    • DS-3.0X1 PCS (Standard configuration)
    • DS-1.5X1 PCS (Optional)
  • 8000 shots per transducer
  • Ultrasonic transducer handle: 1 PCS

Optional accessories:

  • Ultrasonic transducer DS-1.5mm (Ref. 826-HAND15HIFU)

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